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Our programmes can be delivered in a number of different formats depending on the needs of the organisation.

Image by Thanuj Mathew

Delivery Options 


Half Day Face-to-Face

Delivered over 3 ½ hours, including a 20-minute break.


Full Day Face-to-Face

A more in depth workshop allowing for more practice and skill development. Delivered over 7 hours, including a 45-minute lunch break, and two 15-minute breaks for morning tea and afternoon tea.


Online Format*

A live workshop delivered virtually over 5 hours, including a 30-minute lunch break and 2 stretch breaks.


Online Hybrid Learning

Delivered via a mixture of self-paced online learning and live coaching and implementation sessions.


*Our online courses can either be taken independently, or function as an add on to one of our other workshops. Modules can be customised and are available via a self-paced delivery or via a facilitated option. They can be customised to enhance the wellbeing framework of an organisation.

Programme Inclusions


Discovery: Needs analysis, briefing sessions, data gathering.

Design: Key stakeholder interviews/surveys to tailor the program to meet the individual and organisational learning and development needs/priorities.

Development: Integrating content, pedagogy, and technology to optimise the program            format to achieve the program objectives. Planning, scheduling, creating, testing and researching the presentation.

Delivery: Facilitating the workshops. Collecting, preparing and reporting feedback  from participants to the project manager. Debriefing the project and closing the project.




Thriving in Complexity

Building resilience in times of change and challenge. 

Thriving in Complexity for Leaders and Managers

A combination of building resilience and self care for leaders and managers as well as enabling them to be able to lead their team better through change and uncertainty whilst building their teams mental health and resilience.

Stress Management and Mental Health Training for Teams

Enables teams to understand the fundamentals of recognising the impacts of unhealthy levels of stress. Team members learn essential skills to combat its negative effects, e.g. mindfulness,  perspective taking, and changing unhelpful thinking patterns. Team members learn what to watch out for in themselves and colleagues who maybe struggling, and how to seek appropriate help and support.





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