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About Us

Holistic, Evidence-Based Skills & Techniques

Freed is a mental health and wellness and resilience training organisation. We provide training and programmes to numerous public and private organisations.

We utilise evidenced based strategies to improve mental health in workplaces. This enables people to enhance their psychological wellbeing and resilience. The practical skills learned through our programs help mitigate negative impact of stress and uncertainty, leading to better engagement and performance.


Freed delivers high quality training and education outcomes via keynote presentations, webinars and training programmes tailored to the needs of different organisations. We deliver freed experiences face to face, virtually and via self-paced learning.


Our team includes highly trained and experienced professionals including doctors, psychiatrists, allied health practitioners and leadership development experts.

Our programmes involve an evidenced based 3 step approach to ensure development of practical insights and skills to produce sustainable behaviour change:

1. Knowledge Building


We start by helping people understand the fundamental impacts of stress, on their physical and mental health plus their performance. This supports individuals taking stock of where they are at, where they could be and assuming responsibility for their learning.



2. Skill Building


We introduce engaging and interactive exercises that enable participants to build real world skills in managing their mindset, learn emotional regulation and enhance their health building behaviours.



3. Support Building


We help people recognise that knowledge and skills alone are not adequate for sustaining change. Our learning methodology uses a biopsychosocial model to help people acknowledge that we are all part of larger systems; including families, teams and communities. Our programmes assist people employ strategies to build and more effectively utilise their support systems. In doing so, this secondarily enhances their new skills and helps them thrive together.


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