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The Freed Team brings together evidenced based knowledge and skills gained over many decades. These include insights from the fields of medicine, psychiatry, neuroscience and leadership development.

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Our approach is based on the biopsychosocial model to form a wholistic approach to developing mental health and resilience. We employ a systemic approach to self-management and leadership that enables a positive impact on individuals, teams and communities.


It is not necessary to wait for people to be desperately flailing within the waves before they are given a life preserver. Rather, by learning the skills necessary to tread water, swim, and weather the storm before it hits in full, each of us are then able to effectively navigate our own stormy waters.


Our extensive experience and research have led us to integrate the core principles necessary to achieve and then move past resilience. This is where a new capacity to thrive emerges from a deepened sense of freedom. Here we see people step beyond the status quo and into their highest potential. We do this by guiding individuals and teams through four stages: Recognition, Response, Recovery, and Rebuilding.


We ensure people have the tools and processes to embed learning within their teams so they can continue to learn and grow.

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