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Thriving in Complexity

Freed's Signature Curriculum

Available in either Team or Manager format, our Thriving in Complexity curriculum deepens the shared understanding and awareness of the systemic and insidious impact of stress.

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Thriving in Complexity


Presents evidence-based strategies for enhancing resilience and adaptability; 


Helps people self-assess their own responses to ambiguity, confusion and conflict; and

Equips people to better meet current and future challenges (individually and on behalf of  their teams plus the organisation).


Thriving in Complexity can be tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. Possible topics and themes for inclusion in the workshops, may be:


  • Common reactions to uncertainty and change (including reactions at the edge between the known and the unknown, grief, fear and anxiety response and impact on clear decision making, and personality styles). 


  • Fight and flight response – building awareness of the physiological and psychological consequences of fear and anxiety (e.g. slow burn, shame). 


  • Strategies to consider alternative positions to the fight and flight response, including moving from a victim role to a learner role. 


  • The power of the observer-self – explore strategies to develop and enhance capacity to detach and depersonalise to gain perspective. 


  • The skill of making multiple interpretations in situations of high uncertainty and complexity (e.g. fixed mindset versus growth mindset).


  • Building the capacity to consider multiple options for creating future possibilities (e.g. create connection to vision and purpose). 

  • The role of self-compassion, mindfulness, pausing and reflecting in building resilience.

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